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Martial Arts Program: Firm Foundation Martial Arts Academy is a family friendly dojo that teaches karate as well as leadership and life skills.

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We've worked hard for decades to build a great reputation. We greatly appreciate the positive reviews that our students and their families post about our school. If you'd like to help us out with a review, just click on one of the buttons below.

martial arts in moorseville

“Firm Foundation is an awesome school to learn some self-respect and build your self-esteem with some awesome instructors in a good Christian atmosphere.”

Keith Lake

"Firm Foundation is great family-friendly dojo. The instructors are courteous and respectful as well as encouraging. They give positive feedback and lead well. It’s fun to learn martial arts there! Our family loves it!"

Steve Anderson
martial arts in moorseville

"Firm Foundation runs a faith-based martial arts, leadership, and self-defense curriculum. My son has been attending for over a year. His focus, confidence, leadership, and fitness levels have all improved."

Lily Hayman

Firm Foundation is great! The instructors are wonderful, encouraging, and really know what they are doing. Learning the martial arts in a Christian based school is a rare find and I love it!

Sandra Emerson